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Bill Watches Movies

Apr 25, 2020

There’s something about being a Secret Agent that people just love.
Danger, excitement, fast cars, alcoholic beverages, smooching and of course, being able to dress really, really well.
The degree of wish fulfillment is so high that you come out of a James Bond movie wanting to pick a fight with a stranger, just to see if you would win, then get the girl and have someone place a martini in your hand.

That’s the sign of a good Secret Agent movie.
Which brings us to this month’s movie.

It’s an Italian movie that wants to be a James Bond movie, but without the acting, writing, directing, stunt work or even intellectual property to do so.
You will come out of this movie wanting to cry on the shoulder of a stranger, just for the comfort, and then have someone place a lite beer in your hand just to wash away the pain.

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