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Bill Watches Movies

Jul 4, 2020

To many among us, Hawaii is a distant paradise.
Thousands of miles away, it is a remote, mysterious, exotic travel destination.
We envision sandy beaches, clear blue water, surfers, drinks with umbrellas, luaus and beautiful women in grass skirts to greet us as we exit the plane.

To those that live and fight crime in Hawaii, each day is an adventure.
They drive Jeeps.
They shoot guns.
They wear little to no clothing.
They fight drug lords, have impromptu casual sex with no warning, battle snakes that shouldn’t even BE on the island that want to kill them and finally - finally they shoot bazookas from the back of the previously mentioned Jeep and blow up evil skateboarders with wild abandon.

That, my friends is how they fight crime in paradise.

Welcome, Gentle Listeners, to Hard Ticket to Hawaii.

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